Distributor Solution

The Perfect System for Success

See KPI’s in a Snap

Instant Visibility to Metrics

Your Distributors have an easy-to-understand view of the Key Performance Indicators of their business from the first day they are enrolled.  The company selects the template that most suits their business, or design a unique dashboard like no one else.  With Salteris, you have the flexibility to configure how your data is displayed to the field.  We make sure the design is responsive and looks great on any device; laptop, tablet, or phone.  If you need help in designing your dashboard, we can help you with that, too.

Interactive Team Management

With the interactive tree viewer, your Distributors can easily see their downline. The dynamic viewer displays by color which team members are Active and Qualified.  Simply hover over a team member and the configurable key business indicators are displayed. If the Distributor wants to place a new enrollee on his bottom right leg, two clicks and voila, done! Another click and now you see only your personally enrolled members. No matter your compensation plan, the tree viewer is programmed to fit your needs.

Dynamic Tree Viewer

Best-in-Class Cart

Ease of Ordering and Duplication

The shopping and ordering process is a snap with a best-in-class eCommerce engine. The side cart feature shows the progress of the order while shopping so the Distributor can accurately achieve their qualifying volumes.  Distributors can simply manage and edit their monthly subscription orders according to the company’s business rules. Each product page can be shared on social media or forwarded by email to prospects. Kits or packs can be quickly set up to simplify the enrollment process.

Instant Credibility

Recruiting online with the personal replicated website means Distributors can effectively grow their business. Based on the company’s strategy, the distributor’s personal site can mirror the look of the corporate site, or it may have it’s own unique design.  As prospects view and shop on the site, all orders and enrollments are automatically credited to the host distributor. The site is personalized with the Sponsor’s name so visitors know they are on the correct website. The personal marketing site is available to the new Distributor immediately upon enrolling.

Personal Marketing Website

Easy Enrollment

Enrollment Steps 1, 2, 3

It’s critical for a successful Direct Selling company to create a culture of duplication. With the Salteris platform Distributors can enroll and place a new prospect in multiple ways.  The replicated website is one way, however, the Distributor can also be on the phone or a webinar and quickly enroll their prospect.  In a matter of minutes, the Distributor can enroll the prospect, purchase a kit, and place them in their tree. The enrollee will immediately receive a Welcome email from the Sponsor to successfully launch the new Distributor

Marketing is Easy and Viable

In our ever-increasing mobile society, you need to have a solution that reaches everyone.  And that means a back-office experience that is mobile-ready. Salteris is the solution. Whether on a laptop, PC, tablet, Android or iPhone your site and back-office will scream quality and credibility. Distributors will be proud of the company they represent when they have the ability to share and enroll their friends and prospects anytime and anywhere.  The optional Mobile Marketing App adds features like video share and mass texting.

Perfect on Any Device

Multiple Ways to Easily Share

Quickly Share

Direct Selling is all about sharing.  With the myriad of social marketing platforms, it is critical that Distributors can shout their enthusiasm and message to the world! Built into each page of the replicated website are direct links to any of the popular platforms. The company can display the links that are most relevant to their business. The platform allows the company to easily configure a page dedicated to shareable videos, podcasts, pdf’s, and documents for the Distributors to forward to their prospects.

See Your Business

The beauty of Salteris is it’s flexible and configurable capabilities. This becomes clear  when you experience the power of the reporting module.  If the distributor wants to view his team performance by the number of orders placed on a particular day of the week or which of his personally-enrolled distributors sponsored the most new distributors last week, the company can quickly build a personal report and display it on the Distributors Dashboard or Reports page. And there are no limitations to the number of reports.

Customized Reports

We would love to show you how easy it is to manage the essential functions of your Direct Sales business; fast enrollment, intuitive dashboard metrics, stellar shopping experience, visual and dynamic genealogy tree viewer, and more!

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