Corporate Solution

Some of the Key Features of the Salteris Solution

Control, Control, Control

The Simple and elegant Salteris solution that puts the company in control of the Back-Office. A fully secure role-based system so individuals on the corporate team only have access to their specific area of responsibility. We call it “Client-Centric Solutions”.

Comp Plan Management

Need to adjust the percentage payouts or run test scenarios? We provide a highly-configurable system which allows for on-the-fly tweaks to the comp plan. We provide a staging environment or “sand-box” for testing prior to publishing live.

Robust Admin Dashboard

No need for special log-in or SQL training to use the Admin Dashboard. Simple point and click capability for all aspects of managing the business. Salteris’ team of developers spend hours customizing the world-class WordPress platform.

Global Development Team

Salteris has no in-house staff of highly-trained, expensive US-based developers. Instead, we use a more highly-trained global development team which means we lower our overhead and pass the savings on to you. It’s our way of passing the (savings) buck.


Time to pay the field? It’s a snap with Salteris. Once the business rules are programmed into the platform, you only need to click a few buttons each period and you can rest assured the Distributors bonuses and commissions are accurately and quickly processed.

50K Apps & Plug-ins

Salteris believes in “standing on the shoulders of giants”.  It was recently reported that WordPress has over 50,000 plug-ins available to it’s users.  That’s pretty GIGANTIC! Our team of developers are constantly identifying the best plug-ins available for our clients.

Geo-Location Display

Built into Salteris is a Geo-location platform that provides each country with a unique content and product capability. Through the Admin dashboard, the company can simply add new products which will only show on a specific country’s website

Credit Card Processing

Salteris currently uses GPG and PayPal as their merchant processing partners. If you use another provider, we can integrate their system into Salteris, too.  

Salteris is Your Solution.

Multi-Language CSS

Going global is easier with Salteris. Our automated and editable language translator allows for quick deployment of your website in a new language but also provide a portal for linguists to edit and improve the translation.  Machines are not perfect… yet.

Product Management

Salteris clients have complete control over all the processes related to the product display, promotion, and inventory. Multiple SKU’s, Kit building and International considerations are all possible with the Salteris platform.  

Dynamic Pricing

Pricing variations on the same product in different markets can be set up in the administrators dashboard. This feature is important to global companies that ship their products NFR (not-for-resale) across the globe. 

Manage Split Shipping

Do you ship orders from multiple locations? Do you have the need to split one order across multiple warehouses? With Salteris you have the control and flexibility to meet the ever-growing demands of today’s global Direct Selling companies.

Customer Service Portal

The Administrators dashboard is managed by role and responsibility. Your Customer Service team can have access to the critical areas to easily manage customer orders, placement, profile updates, auto-ship and more. The results are a best-in-class customer experience.


The Ability to change and adjust a reoccurring subscription or auto-ship order can be available to distributors and Customer Service based on the company’s business rules. Limits and thresholds can be set once and forget it, or be edited on the fly.

Customized Reports

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the number and type of reports available. Again, the company has control over the creation and management of customized reports. With a single click the reports can be downloaded by the Distributor in Excel, CSV, or pdf.

Knowledge Base

One effective way to give a stellar customer experience is to provide access to a robust FAQ area. The Knowledge Base module is a state-of-the-art database critical processes, policies, disclaimers, and technical documents, thereby effectively controlling the message.

Chat Capability

Communication is the key to a great experience for your distributors and customers alike. Having multiple platforms to communicate is essential in today’s digital economy. A full-featured chat portal is included in the Salteris solution. Yes, that’s being Client-Centric!

Support Tickets Tracking

Being transparent and accountable to your customers and Distributors is how you earn their trust. With the included ticketing system issues can be submitted and tracked by your customers. They can watch the issue get resolved in real-time. 

We would love to show you how easy it is to manage the essential functions of your Direct Sales business; fast enrollment, intuitive dashboard metrics, stellar shopping experience, visual and dynamic genealogy tree viewer, and more!

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