About Salteris

You know, it would be cool if the Salteris story started when 4 friends decided to drop out of college and moved into a house together.  The garage became their office and they began writing code 20 hours a day and were living on Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Yeah, that would be cool.

However, instead of young entrepreneurs (and there is nothing wrong with that), Salteris was formed by 4 seasoned veterans of the Direct Sales industry. They have started, managed and sold Direct Sales companies. Some have been Master Distributors of well-known MLM companies. Some have been presidents and senior executives of large, top-tiered, and well-known companies. They have reviewed, evaluated and purchased a number of software solutions to run the back office.  In other words, it’s not their first rodeo.

“We came together to solve a problem.” The problem of software companies that over promise and under deliver. Companies that charge exorbitant fees and essentially hold companies hostage in order to access their own data.

This is wrong. It’s your data and you should not have to pay huge fees to build a report or to adjust the commission percentages. You should be able to freely test new scenarios before launching a commission run. You should be in control.

Your Distributors, Members, or Affiliates should be able to easily order product, intuitively enroll or sponsor new people and quickly place them in a visual and dynamic genealogy tree.

The Salteris Solution. Problem Solved.

Client-Centric Solutions. It defines who we work for, and what we build.