MLM companies that control their back-office, control their destiny.

Attention CEO's and Presidents:

Salteris Solves Your Problems


  • "My Software Provider Must Make all the Changes to our Compensation Engine and it's Expensive"
  • "My Software Provider Must Write all the Custom Reports and We Pay for It"
  • "We have 2 or 3 Different Websites; Corporate, Back-Office, and Replicated Sites. Drives us Crazy !"
  • "Our Monthly Subscription, Maintenance and Hosting Fees Continue to Increase with No End in Sight"


  • Clients Can Edit Commissions, Bonuses, Titles, and More within the Compensation Engine at No Additional Cost
  • Client Has Access to a MySQL Interface to Write Their Own Custom Reports. (Hmmm, Good Idea!)
  • One Website Look and Feel with Unique Areas Accessed by the Log-in; Distributor, Visitor, Customer, Back-Office
  • Monthly License Fees are Capped. That's Right...Capped.

What's Your Technology Challenge?

Literally for decades, the founders of Salteris have worked with a number of software companies serving the Direct Sales Industry.  Here are a few things they’ve seen with Software providers:

1.  Over Promise. Under Deliver.  The thing about software is with enough resources;  time and money, nearly any imaginable challenge, or requirement can be resolved.  The problem is, the initial estimate of time and cost is usually what the client wants or expects to hear. Not what is really going to happen. 

2. The Solution is Never Finished.  From the outset of a new technology project, Software companies/developers will provide an estimate of the hours required to complete the project.  The problem is, the hours required are underestimated and inaccurate.  The hourly rates are $150+ and the hours rack up quickly.

3. Changes Must be Made by the Software Provider. Need a new report? Need to add a tweak to the Commission Plan? Need to see the data in a new way/a new configuration?  Well, the only way to get it done is to fill out a request and wait, wait, wait for the results.

"Why can't we have more control of our data?

- Operations Staff at every Direct Sales Company. (ANSWER ON BACK)

"Because we don't want you to."

- "old school" software company.
Change That

Make the Right Decision...

Why Salteris was Founded...

Our number one priority is you, our Client.  When you reach out to us, we promise to pick up the phone or answer the email immediately.

Our scorecard is based on the level of service we provide.  Our commitment to you is to honor your requests, respect your time, and deliver results.

We know at the heart of your business is the ability to  support the field with the key metrics and tools they need to be successful.  You cannot afford to wait.  We promise to deliver results on time.

We believe trust is earned, not expected.  We expect of ourselves to do everything in our power to perform in a way that will quickly earn your trust.

The Salteris Solution delivers value from day one.  The direct sales industry has been dependent on outdated technology and over-priced software for years.  It’s time for someone to disrupt the status quo. It’s time for Salteris.

Game Changer

Salteris was formed because for decades Direct Selling Companies have been dependent upon a flawed business model created by software companies.  Some of this was due to the technology available, but today, older software companies are still holding on to old strategies and pricing models.  Salteris is different.  Created by a group of experienced and seasoned MLM Executives and Leaders, the platform and strategy is designed to give Clients the controls to their business.